New Life Cinquain Poem


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New life
Happy mother
Frisian, it’s red and white
Owner gains another number

In New Zealand we have Nait Tags, they must be used in every animal, one in each ear, and I can tell you it is not easy on a beef farm to catch newborn Angus calves and hold them so you can puncture their ear lobs with the new number, we always did it at birth as an elderly couple we were never strong enough to do it when they were older.

So pleased I no longer need to do that job, having given up farming eighteen months ago.



  1. This is truly beautiful and amazing! I love the picture!! I really am an animal lover, I have no idea how on earth I am not a vegetarian. I remember when I held a baby chicken the first time and could not eat chicken for a while!!!

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  2. We are in the muddle of calving right now, have 140 Angus cross cows/heifers. It’s a lot of work, especially if you have to help pull a calf. We do one ear tag to match with mama’s number. My husband is good at it but we are getting older too! LOVE your cinquain and photo 😊

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    • Thanks for your comment, hope all goes well for you with the calving especially the heifers. On our beef farm, we had Angus and Herefords, We preferred the Herefords, they were quieter animals to work with. It was hard for my husband because he had a piece of wire inserted in his thumb, as he had had an accident and his thumb was broken from his hand and couldn’t apply the pressure needed.
      Happy days farming.

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    • Yes, I big relief, my husband is now 81 and I’m just a little bit younger, should have retired a little earlier so we could enjoy some travel, but both of us having cancer has aged us a little faster than we thought it would.


      • I remember being sad and sympathizing with both of you getting cancer. I also needed this reminder to pray for you more often. . . Hugs and hopeful prayers will be sent out more often, Elsie. 🕊️ 🌈

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