10 Line Poem Challenge #23. – Cinq Trois DécaLa Rhyme


10 Line Poem Challenge #23. – Cinq Trois DécaLa Rhyme

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#10LPC – If you would like to take part in this challenge please use the above link

Early Summer in New Zealand 2018

Summer two thousand and eighteen was very early this year
November and December two thousand and seventeen seared
Babies were very hot, no longer asleep, they were in tears
Evening meals were late, too hot to cook, men sat drinking their beer
Water restrictions early, odd/even hand-held hose only
All the humans that survived the heat should have won a trophy
Tar melted on the road, the bubbles popped as we drove slowly
February cyclone Gita arrived, power lines upreared
Falling tree broke water pipes, no water it all disappeared
March two thousand and eighteen then the rains came, autumn cosy.

What is  Cinq Trois Décala Rhyme? – It is 15 syllables on each line (5×3). Also, there are 3 rhyming sounds throughout the poem. The stanza consists of 10 lines, and it rhymes

To summarize, the Cinq Trois DecaLa Rhyme

• A decastich (10-line poem) written in only one stanza.
• It has 15 syllables per line.
• Rhyme scheme: aabbcccabc
• Meter is optional



  1. Hey, Elsie–I’ve been looking to join a poetry group, but the thing is, I only want to work on stuff that rhymes, and by that I mean a simple pattern: ABAB, AABB CC, etc. What I’d like to do is practice these things so I can maybe insert them into my stories as spoken song lyrics, a la Tolkien, although not to his degree.

    Are you going to have more challenges with a “writer’s choice” verse structure?

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    • I most probably should set up one, but you can write any form you like, as it is an open poetry challenge, I just pick a weekly prompt, I’m still writing tanka as that is what my weekly challenge was until a couple of months ago. I enjoy writing any poetry I love a challenge like this one I just did for “Dark Side of the Moon” that is her weekly challenge, she has another twelve weeks of it to come. Ending this now, any form, have a nice weekend.

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