A to Z Challenge – 3 April 2018 C is for Canna Lily Haibun

Canna Lily

#A to Z Challenge – 3 April 2018 – C is for Canna Lily Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

Photo Credit

Canna Lily a beautiful flower, but one that never grew to its beauty in my country farm garden, it would get hit every year with the frosts and never really recovered well during the spring, it would just start flowering late summer and the cold weather would hit it again.

But I can still enjoy its beauty, we had many colors, the pink was the one I enjoyed the most.

Not a true lily
broad flat alternate leaves
narrow roll unfurl


Photo Credit – Love the fold of the new leaves forming, that is what the haiku is describing, real beauty without them there would be no flower.




  1. This is lovely Kiwinana and thanks for featuring it. We do have canna like these in Singapore or I call lil red dot. I am surprised that canna can thrive in NZ where the weather is seasonal. I always thought cannas were for the tropics. I thought wrong! 🙂

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    • No you are not wrong, they are are a hard plant to keep surviving in New Zealand, it isn’t really hot enough now as the seasons have changed so much, the hot weather is coming earlier and the Canna lily has not had the time to mature after a cold winter, so as a result, the hot sun burns off the maturing plants before they are ready to flower. Today I’m saying if it is planted in a roadside garden, the heat of the asphalt with have the heat they need to grow to maturity. Thanks for that comment, I think it could be Global warming, not sure.

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