#A to Z Challenge – 6 April 2018 – F is for Fuchsias Haibun


#A to Z Challenge – 6 April 2018 – F is for Fuchsias Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

Photo Credit

Fuchsias have always been in my garden, a beautiful flowering shrub with two-tone colors, sits under the trees perfectly as they don’t require the sun all day, they like the shelter of shade.

It is nice to pick a berry from them and flavour the taste as you are working in the garden, the berries are edible, but not all have a nice taste, so you need to know them, the “fuchsia splendens” is very tasty, like citrus and black pepper and it can be made into jam.

pink red and white shades
pendulous teardrop shapes
attractive to birds


Photo Credit – Beautiful garden of Fucshias


Photo Credit – Fuchsia shoots with flowers and berries



  1. Fushias..Now I know the botanical name! I use to call these “lanterns” as they seem to me like small little intricate Chinese lanterns as they hang down with their wispy stigma. Interesting that they have “berries” I have not seen this or maybe not observant and will look out to find these “berries” Thank you for sharing and I learn. Have a good Friday and a lovely weekend ahead.

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    • Thanks for the comment, yes, the fruit of all fuchsia species and cultivars are edible, only some are flavorless or leave a bad aftertaste, but at least if you try one, you will find out if they are nice to your taste, at least you now know they are not poisonous. Have a nice weekend.


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