#A to Z Challenge – 9 April 2018 – H is for Hibiscus – a Haibun


#A to Z Challenge – 9 April 2018 – H is for Hibiscus – a  Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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We have a Hibiscus bush in the garden, the same as the image above, but what is amazing is that it has double and single flowers on the same shrub. Every spring it gets hit by sparrows feeding on all the new growth, needless to say by the middle of springs its mainly sticks with no leaves, it looks terrible, by December it has recovered and is growing well, as of today April it is a healthy bush but I see the sparrows are back eating it again. Hope those sparrows get lots of vitamin C, maybe that the reason they bred so well, so many sparrows in the garden.

beverage tart flavor
tea made with hibiscus flowers
vitamin c, health

April 2018 A to Z Challenge


    • Yes, they are beautiful. Lucky you, that you have returned from your holiday in NZ, Mount Egmont/Taranaki has its first snow on it, a month earlier than usual. We had terrible weather yesterday, it is 8-30 now and the temperature is 7 degrees and more rain coming in. Enjoy your warmer weather, winter is here now.


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