#A to Z Challenge – 14 April 2018 – M is for Mint – a Haibun


#A to Z Challenge – 14 April 2018 – M is for Mint – a Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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Mint, who doesn’t like mint growing in the garden? I love the smell of it as I’m weeding the garden and especially the smell of the mint I have with roast lamb, I’m sure I can smell the lamb cooking every time I rouse it in the garden. But it can take over the garden as its wide-spreading underground stolons, take over very quickly, so it’s best to grow in containers, it can be a very invasive plant.

peppermint lemon
mint enjoyed in herb garden
fresh aromatic smell


April 2018 A to Z Challenge


    • Yes, it’s a nice smell Sunday afternoon roast coking while gardening as that was the only time I found for gardening being a working mom of five children. Thanks for commenting have a nice weekend.


    • Thanks for your comment, In reply, if it is good rich soil, water it every day, avoid having it in the sun all day, it likes shade. A little advise hope you don’t mind, have another go. Happy days growing a garden on your balcony.


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