#A to Z Challenge – 16 April 2018 – N is for Naked Lady Lily – a Haibun


#A to Z Challenge – 16 April 2018 – N is for  Naked Lady Lily – a Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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Amaryllis belladonna, the Binomial name for the Naked Lady Lily, it is a funnel-shaped flower on a ‘naked’ (leafless) stem, which gives it the common name of naked-lady-lily. They have just finished flowering in the garden, leaves will appear very soon which help to stop the weeds growing.

I have found to let the leaves die naturally if you want them to flower the next year, they are worth a place in the garden if you have the room.


Photo Credit

light and dark pink flowers
always makes my husband smile
naked lady flowers

April 2018 A to Z Challenge


  1. It is just so pretty in countries like NZ with 4 seasons to have different types of flowers popping up from the ground to symbolize Spring. Such a treat and if I were to buy these from the florists here, it will cost me a bomb and yet, I see it growing freely in your country and people do not give it second look for take some home! I would, if it is allowed LOL!

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    • Yes, They are beautiful, but the beauty of them is that the flowers appear so quickly from the bulb, just about overnight and unless you know the bulbs are planted there you would wonder where the flower came from. thanks for commenting.


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