#NaPoWriMo or #GloPoWriMo – Day 16


#NaPoWriMo or #GloPoWriMo – Day 16

Thank you Suzanne Olivante for the NaPoWriMo Photo Daily Poetry Prompt

Photo Credit

Lost in a Book

lost in the pages of an exciting book
slipping into another skin helplessly
a figment of imagination formed began
floating in to be amongst the clouds

beautiful stillness surrounded my soul
it was like being banished from the earth
being so quiet and nothing excited me
wrapped up in the pages of the book

suddenly I woke like a blow to the head
why am I floating in the middle of a book
this book is like a disaster it excited me
Into a perfect tranquility of life above




    • Thanks, I appreciated your comment, I feel very comfortable writing poetry now, it has taken time, but that’s life, if you enjoy something that hard to tackle at first, you usually reap the rewards, as long as you don’t give in, as you know by your writing, I can tell that you enjoy it and it can be very relaxing when there is a lot of stress in your life. Cheers!


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