#A to Z Challenge – 26 April 2018 – W is for Wasp – a Haibun


#A to Z Challenge – 26 April 2018 – W is for  Wasp – a Haibun

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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Wasps have been a pest in my life every year on the farm, now living in town, I’m so relieved not to have those little yellow and black striped insects stinging me as I come across a nest of them in the garden when weeding, usually hiding, their nest concealed with long grass.

It is said that it’s only the female that has a sting, I don’t know about that but I have been stung many times, especially when you find a nest, I think you have the whole hive chasing you, not nice.

We had a hundred Nashi pear trees, wasps would ruin the fruit by puncturing holes in them for the sweet nectar.

I used to put frozen meat outside on a table to thaw and the wasps would puncture the plastic bag and feed on the thawing meat.

So glad I have got away from them, they can and have killed out a whole hive of bees.

vespula_ germanica_wasp

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making home-made jam
windows, doors need closing tight
wasps love something sweet

April 2018 A to Z Challenge

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