My Posts A to Z Challenge April 2018


My Posts A to Z Challenge April 2018

#atozchallenge – Nature & Outdoors Theme

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This year I wrote all Haibun posts which is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku.

For the complete month, I wrote a Haiku/Senryu poetry which I’m sharing here.

Letter A, I called it a Tanbun as it was tanka poetry, the only one.

X was the only letter I could not find anything in the nature theme in New Zealand, that I know about or have had experience with, so I went with the plant Xyris, known as yellow-eyed grass, which to my knowledge is not found here, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Here is all the Haiku poetry I wrote for the Haibun –  if you would like to read the whole post, click the link for each letter of the alphabet.

A for Acridotheres Tristis Myna a bird.

Its black hooded head
yellow patch behind the eye
with legs bright yellow.
Hold their ground squeaking at me
letting me know they’re the boss.

B for Bumblebee

soft hair on body
contrasting band of color
yellow and dark brown

C for Canna Lily

not a true lily
broad flat alternate leaves
narrow roll unfurl

D for Dragonfly

adult dragonfly
can move in six directions
hover in midair

E for Earwig

old wives tale, earwigs
burrow into human brains
and laid their eggs there

F for Fuchsias

pink red and white shades
pendulous teardrop shapes
attractive to birds

 G for Glowworms

fire-fly, lightning bug
beetle, fly or just a gnat
just call them glowworms

H for Hibiscus

beverage tart flavor
tea made with hibiscus flowers
vitamin c, health

I for Iris

lemon yellow bloom
the beauty glides pass my eyes
enriching the soul

J for Japanese Maples

deciduous shrub
weeping hanging perfectly
art in the garden

K for Kingfisher

green and beige colors
very hard to tell the sex
excellent vision

L for Ladybird or Ladybug

welcome ladybird
dome-shaped body, six short legs
bright red colored shell

M for Mint

peppermint lemon
mint enjoyed in herb garden
fresh aromatic smell

N for Naked Ladies

light and dark pink flowers
always makes my husband smile
naked lady flower

O for Opossums

short lifespan two years
thirteen nipples no wonder
breeding time-table

P for Possums

their fur, valuable
possum merino clothing
soft wool for knitters

Q for Quaking Grass

greater quaking grass
seeds and leaves are edible
trembling in the wind

R for Ragwort

pretty yellow flowers
tourist commented nice flowers
If only they knew

S for Sheep

sheep are amazing
they are not dumb animals
hand reared lambs friendly

T for Thistle

coarse spiny-winged stems
purple beautiful rosettes
Invasive species

U for Umbrella

seldom see the young
with an umbrella these days
prefer being soaked

V for Viburnum Plicatum – Snowball bush

flowers in the spring
red berries in the summer
pretty leaves in autumn

W for Wasp

making home-made jam
windows, doors need closing tight
wasps love something sweet

X for Xyris

clusters of small flowers
flowers appear in the morning
expand afternoon

Y for Yellow Admiral Butterfly (Vanessa Itea)

larva drab black grey
a beautiful butterfly
loves stinging nettle

Z for Zinnia

popular flower
butterflies like zinnias
hummingbirds also

Thanks to all my supporters, the comments, likes, and love shown. I appreciate it.

Take care and keep smiling. 

April 2018 A to Z Challenge


    • Thanks for asking, I had a wonderful month writing AtoZ challenge 2018, and NaPoWriMo 30 day Challenges, over 60 posts in April. I see you made it to the end. Congratulations.


  1. congratulations on your alphabet book of haiku! Pictures the haiku book — until I get to the earwig page … ewwww. Laughing. You did an awesome job!

    Liked by 1 person

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