Roundup for National Poetry Writing Month – April 2018


Roundup for National Poetry Writing Month – April 2018

#NaPoWriMo or GloPoWriMo

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1 May 2018, finally at the end of writing poetry for 30 Days Challenge, writing many forms of poems, it has been fascinating.

Special thanks to Suzanne Olivante for organizing the image prompts. I appreciate the work and time, especially the emails she sent me in advance so I could write them ahead of the scheduled days.  I highly recommend you check out her blog at  Suzanne Olivante Poetry

Day 1. SpiderwebShadorma Poetry

Day 2. Gateway of Life – Free Form

Day 3. Fantasy Dreaming – Free Form

Day 4. Locked Door Reverse Etheree Poetry

Day 5. Matches – Free Form

Day 6. Wild Waves – Free Form

Day 7. Sky Scrapers – Free Form

Day 8. Wild Storm – Tanka Poetry

Day 9. Time – Free Form

Day 10. ChocolateSenryu Poetry 

Day 11. Life under the Ocean – Free Form

Day 12. Autumn – Pantoum Poem

Day 13. Alone Reverse Etheree Poetry

Day 14. Artistic Autumn – Etheree Poetry

Day 15.  Ears – Double Tetractys

Day 16.  Lost in a Book – Free Form

Day 17. Bees – Shadorma Poetry

Day 18. Features of Owls – Pantoum Poetry

Day 19. Footprints Sign – Reverse Etheree Poetry

Day 20. Illuminated – Sidlak Poem

Day 21. Swan Facts – Double Etheree

Day 22. Fairies – Reverse Etheree Poetry

Day 23. Sharing Happy Memories – Shadorma Poetry

Day 24. Limestone Stalagmites – Bussokusekika Poetry

Day 25. Winter has Arrived – Free Form

Day 26. Oaks a Mighty Tree – Cortes Nonet Poem

Day 27. Spying – Reverse Etheree Poetry

Day 28. Magical – Octet Poetry

Day 29. Frustrations of Life – Free Form

Day 30. Abandoned House – Free Form


Photo Credit – Never Stop Learning my friends writing poetry keeps the brain working, you are never too old, it’s up to you, keep that brain turning over, don’t let it go to waste.


    • Congratulations to you also, we had a wonderful month writing poetry didn’t we, looking forward to April 2019, not sure I will take on two challenges though it was a bit stressful, at the end of the month I got a bit muddled up, never mind I still used Suzanne Olivante’s prompts. Cheers to us.

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