10-line Poem Challenge #30: Sonnetina Tre


10-line Poem Challenge #30: Sonnetina Tre

#10LPC – If you would like to take part in this challenge please use the above link

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Happiness is Loving a Horse

The horse, a large singled toed animal
a girls life forever an enchantment
human interaction unchangeable
just sighting a horse that is excitement
Loving and caring is most important
grooming and stall cleaning a daily job
care you give will never be forgotten
riding a special treat never will stop
summed up both are friends extremely natural
they both look so glamorous together.

Sonnetina Tre
Two quatrains and a couplet, usually in iambic tetrameter or pentameter.
The stanzas may appear in any order, but the couplet usually comes at the end.
Rhyme scheme varies according to the whim of the poet.

Rhyme scheme for this one: ababcdcdee
This one is in iambic tetrameter (10 syllables per line) both stanzas together since it is all one thought.



  1. One of my uncles breeds horses, and he taught me how to ride. Now one of my sisters has a couple of horses too, and my daughter has learned to ride. They are beautiful, awe-inspiring creatures. What a lovely Sonnetina Tre. I like how your quatrains discuss different aspects of the relationship between the horse and rider, and the couplet sums it up.

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