#Tummy Tuesdays: How to Barbecue Vegetables

Grilled Vegatables

#Tummy Tuesdays: How to Barbecue Vegetables

#Tummy Tuesdays

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How to Barbecue Vegetables

Barbecue vegetables are so easy to do these days, so many useful tools and trays to use on the barbie, that you can just about grill any vegetable on the barbecue.

Here I have ten vegetables and a few suggestions of seasonings that can make a difference to the taste.

Just as grilling over a charcoal fire can be a completely different taste to a gas barbecue.

Tips for Grilling Vegetables on the Barbecue

It’s a simple matter to grill vegetables on the barbecue.

Most vegetables can be grilled, by using foil wrapping.

You can prepare the vegetables ahead of time and have the foil-wrapped packets waiting to put on the grill when the fire is ready.

To Grill: Rinse vegetables thoroughly but do not pat dry – water that clings create enough moisture to steam most vegetables.

Place up to 4 servings of the vegetables on a sheet of heavy-duty foil.

(If grilling more than 4 servings, prepare several sheets; wrap potatoes and corn on the cob individually).

Evenly dot with butter or margarine, using 2 tablespoons for every 4 serving.

Wrap vegetables tightly in foil and place on a grill 4 to 6 inches above a solid bed of medium-glowing coals.

Cook, shifting packets occasionally so vegetables cook evenly; test for doneness at the minimum suggested time, but barbecues may be hotter at times so cooking times can vary.

To Serve: Season to taste with salt and pepper, or choose one or more of the seasonings suggested with each vegetable below.

BBQ Grill

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Asparagus Spears.

Only young asparagus shoots are commonly eaten: once the buds start to open (“ferning out”), the shoots quickly turn woody.

Cooking Time 15-20 minutes.

Grill until tender when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, Tarragon, lemon juice, hollandaise sauce.


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Green Beans

Green beans are found in two major groups, bush beans, and pole beans.

There are over 130 varieties of snap bean are known.

Beans – Green, kidney or french beans, dwarf beans, runner beans, plus many more.

Some have a plump fresh and other are slim in size, so cooking time can vary.

Cooking time – 20 mins, cook until tender-crisp to bite.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, Chives, dill weed, thyme, crumbled bacon, lemon juice, minced parsley.


Carrots come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

Carrots can be eaten in a variety of ways, barbecue is a tasty way.

Carrots – Cut into 1-inch slices.

Cooking time – 25-30 minutes, tender when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, basil, chives, ginger, mint, nutmeg, minced parsley, lemon juice, brown sugar.


Cauliflower is low in fat, low in carbs but high in dietary fiber, folate, water, and vitamin C, possessing a high nutritional density.

Cauliflower – Flowerets – pull apart into small pieces. Wrap in foil.

Cooking time – 25-30 minutes, cook until tender when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – butter, chives, nutmeg, minced parsley, lemon juice.


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Sweet Corn or Maize

The term “maize” was used in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is now usually called “sweetcorn”, a common crop known to people there.

Sweetcorn is harvested earlier and eaten as a vegetable rather than a grain.

Corn on the cob – Remove husk and silk, wrap individually in foil.

Cooking time – 15-20 minutes, cook until tender when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, chili powder, oregano, lime juice.


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Peas are high in fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and lutein

The pea is a most commonly green, pod-shaped vegetable, widely grown as a cool season vegetable crop.

Peas green – Shelled. and wrapped in foil.

Cooking time – 20 minutes, Tender to bite.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, basil, chives, mint, nutmeg, minced parsley, rosemary.

Capsicums or Peppers

Capsicums or peppers are suitable for stuffing with fillings such as cheese, meat or rice in them, and grilling on the barbecue.

They can be sliced into strips and grilled, roasted whole or in pieces.

Peppers – Green or red, bright glossy peppers that are firm, well shaped and thick walled. remove the stem, seeds, and pith. leave whole or cut in half, or sliced dice or strips.

Cooking time – cook tell tender when pierced.

seasonings suggested – basil, oregano, dash wine vinegar.

Interesting Fact – Wikipedia says, Peppers – In Australia, New Zealand and India, heatless species are called “capsicums” while hot ones are called “chili”/”chilies”.


There are about five thousand potato varieties worldwide.

The potato contains vitamins and minerals, as well as an assortment of phytochemicals, such as carotenoids and natural phenols.

Potatoes – Red or white, thin-skinned, Small whole, pierce the skin.

Cooking time – 50-55 minutes Tender throughout when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, chives, paprika, minced parsley, crumbled bacon, sour cream.

Mixed Vegetables

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An assortment of winter squashes, such as Turban, Sweet Dumpling, Carnival, Gold Acorn, Delicata, Buttercup, Golden Nugget.

Though considered a vegetable in cooking, botanically speaking, squash is a fruit (being the receptacle for the plant’s seeds).

Squash – Summer Crookneck pattypan, zucchini.

Peel cut into 1 by 6-inch spears

Cooking time – 20-25 minutes Tender when pierced.

Suggested Seasonings – Butter, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar.


The tomato is a fruit, it is considered a vegetable for culinary purposes and grills very nicely.

The fruit is rich in lycopene, which may have beneficial health effects.

Tomatoes – Choose tomatoes that a firm but not hard, slice in half crosswise and squeeze out seeds.

Cooking time – 10-15 mins.

Suggested Seasonings – Basil, chives oregano, minced parsley, also nice to eat if stuffed with other vegetables likes peas, cucumber with cheese topping.


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