Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale Shadorma Poetry


Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale Shadorma Poetry

Photo Credit Illustration by Arthur Rackham, 1918, in English Fairy Tales by Flora Annie Steel

jacks tales
english fairy tale
magic beans
and gold coins
a goose that lays golden eggs
life good forever

jacks spriggins
and enchanted bean
mothers love
bad giant
story originated
many years ago

There are many version of Jack and the Beanstalk, I like this one after all giants are usually bad.

The 1952 film starring Abbott and Costello the giant is blamed for poverty at the foot of the beanstalk, as he has been stealing food and wealth and the hen that lays golden eggs originally belonged to Jack’s family. 

Shadorma Poetry is a Spanish poetic form.
A poem of six lines 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllables no set rhyme scheme.
It can have many stanzas, as long as each follows the meter. 

Before I close this poem, it was the only one for May that I wrote but never published, I hope it gave you a few smiles.

What are your thought’s about the old style of fairy tales, do you think they are bad for our children to read these types of stories?


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