10-line Poem Challenge #34: Ten-by-Ten – Writing with a Nib Pen

Dip Pen

10-line Poem Challenge #34: Ten-by-Ten Writing with a Nib Pen

#10LPC – If you would like to take part in this challenge please use the above link

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Memories of Writing with a Nib Pen

Writing with a pen changed over the years
In my younger days, we used a pencil
memories of waiting for that day at school
that I could use a nib pen with blue ink
no biros in those days, just a nib pen
that we dipped in a bottle of black ink
slowly we learned to write using that pen
blotter sitting near-by to sponge the ink
as we progressed there was a fountain pen
we would fill with ink instead of dipping.

Ten-by-Ten is:

  • A decastich (10-line poem) written in one single stanza.
  • It is made with 10 syllables per line, written on any subject.
  • Rhyme and rhythm are optional.


  1. Nice one. Reminded me of my childhood. I used to change my nib with whoever of my friend had good handwriting. Foolish of me but they always obliged and I couldn’t improve my handwriting so typing is the best option for me.

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  2. Love the poem. there’s beauty in the old ways. i love the way writing looks done with a nib pen — not mine though — small shifts in angles changes the width lending grace. I tried once. … Wait, you had to fill a fountain pen? It didn’t come prefilled? I didn’t know that. it’s cool how your poem is both lovely and educational

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    • Thanks for this comment, I never thought about the filling of the fountain pens, now I’m writing a sequence to that poem about the fountain pen, hope you enjoy it, I presumed that everybody would know that, amazing I just learned something also. Have a great weekend.

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