Dental Care in the 1950’s


Dental Care in the 1950’s

Photo Credit – Early Dental Chair

Remembering my dentist in the 1950’s
All those tools sitting on the tray
On spotless clean white porcelain
Oh the pain, the needle in my gums
or was it the pulling of the tooth
No, it was that needle, oh the pain
Never knew I had a nose or top lip
for some hours later, the numbness

A few thought’s about dentist tools, drilling a hole in the tooth, filling the hole, most of all the smell in a dentist lab, the feel of his tools digging in my gums, the sucker in my mouth sucking up my saliva and sometimes sucking my tongue, looking into the eyes of the dentist as he was working on my teeth, always knew if he was a smoker by the smell on his well-washed hands, a few thought’s that I could write another verse or two.


Photo Credit – Modern Dentist Office

Have you any thought’s about your dentist, please comment I would love to read them.


    • Yes, there were some dentists around, that I don’t know how they got their job, very inconsiderate. Our life isn’t too bad considering everything, thanks for asking, I appreciate it.

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    • Agree with you, those needles, they wouldn’t get away with that these days, those wisdom teeth, sometimes I wonder why we ever had them, they didn’t last long before they were pulled out. Thanks for commenting.

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    • Yes, a place that in my days was dreaded, I wonder if the children of today feel the same, times have changed so I hope they don’t go through this with the same thought’s “we called in the murder house”, not very nice when I think about it.

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