Margarine or Butter

Bread and Butter

Margarine or Butter

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Butter vs Margarine

For the last forty years or so butter was classed as bad for your health, now in recent years, it has been discovered that butter wasn’t as bad as thought and margarine are okay as long as it hasn’t trans-fats in it.

The best butter to use is grass-fed dairy cows, make your own butter if at all possible as it won’t have all the additives in it. I have researched this subject quite extensively, my thought is that I have always used butter for baking and etc and always will, I’m aging healthy and will continue using it.

I do use margarine for my sandwiches. I will leave it to you to read this article I have put together and you can make up your own opinion.


I have discovered through research about fats, that for a healthy body, as the years pass by from toddlers to teens and all the in-betweens if you want to reach those golden years you must eat some fats for a healthy body.

Just eat them in moderation, gives us a bright future.


Photo Credit – Butter or Margarine, it does not matter, just enjoy. Clockwise from bottom: hot buttered tattie scones next to a cheese scone, shiny and flat treacle scones, and a milk scone above a fruit scone

Who Discovered Margarine?

Michel Eugene Chevreul

Photo Credit 

It was actually discovered by a French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul in 1813, his work with fatty acids led to early applications in the fields of art and science. He is credited with the discovery of margaric acid.

Who would have thought that from something like that, that is how margarine came about. We have only heard off and used it in the last forty or so years. He lived to be 102 and was a pioneer in the field of Gerontology which is the study of the social, psychological and biological aspects of aging.

What is Margarine?


Margarine is an imitation butter spread and is a manufactured, vegetable-oil-based substitute for butter. Vegetable oils are extracted from soya beans, safflower, sunflower etc.

Oli is steamed to remove impurities. Steaming destroys vitamins and antioxidants. Hydrogen gas is bubbled through the liquid oil. This forces unsaturated fatty acids to become saturated and solid.

Synthetic vitamins, artificial colors, and a natural yellow color are added. Not all kinds of margarine are the same, just look for spreads, that doesn’t have trans fats and has the least amount of saturated fat.

Trans fat which is largely a man-made fat and been shown to increase bad cholesterol, so what you need to do is look for zero grams of trans fat when buying margarine. There are so many things being said about margarine, that’s it hard to say which spread is the better of the two, butter or margarine.

What is Butter


Butter has vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, CLA (conjugated Linolenic acid), glycosphingolipids, cholesterol, waul zen factor. (NB The waulzen factor is present only in raw butter and cream; it is destroyed by pasteurization).

For instants did you know? CLA is when butter comes from cows eating grass, it contains this compound that gives excellent protection against cancer. note – (cows eating grass).

It’s time to bury the myth that butter is bad for you. Remember the Wulzen factor is present only in raw butter and cream; it is destroyed by pasteurization


    • I agree with you, I enjoy helping my mother churning the cream to make butter, when finished the pattern oo the home-made butter always looked so nice. Somehow I think it is a luxury now, the price in NZ is ridiculous especially as we are known as a farming country. Thanks for commenting. Let’s enjoy our butter.


  1. I love butter. The scent of it cooking. I don’t think margarine has much of an aroma. The funny thing is I discovered butter as an adult because my parents always used margarine. One day, when I was living in Japan, I bought butter out of curiousity to see if it was different from margarine. I was hooked as it cooked releasing a lovely aroma. I loved the taste and never went back to margarine.

    A friend of mine is in the hospital for a few days and she hates margarine. It was so hard for her to get butter with each meal she asked me to bring some in. I brought a lovely Irish butter.

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  2. I’ve always used real butter, flavor is needed in cooking or baking. Just my opinion but it’s like sugar to me, using the real stuff is much better for you than chemicals that make up other fake products. But I’m not diabetic either.

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    • Yes to good old butter, it’s been around for years, but when I did my research I was surprised that margarine is based back to discovery back in the 18th century. Still, give me butter as you say the taste is perfect.


  3. I used to use other forms of oil rather than butter. I use a pound of butter in a month, a stick a week. I’m not sure how “bad” that is? I hope not as bad as eating a hamburger every week. 😀

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