10-line Poem Challenge #34: Ten-by-Ten – Ballpoint Pens


10-line Poem Challenge #34: Ten-by-Ten – Ballpoint Pens

#10LPC – If you would like to take part in this challenge please use the above link

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This is the third sequence of the poems, Nib Pens, and the Fountain Pen.

Ballpoint or Biro Pens

Memories, writing with a ballpoint pen
known in the modern days, a biro
some did not deliver ink evenly
causing clogging, maybe ink was too thick
Leaking ink in children school blouse pockets
always soaking patches of ink in milk.
Refillable models were a nuisance
no refill available while writing
then back to using the good old pencil
Modern biros are mainly throwaways

Ten-by-Ten is:

  • A decastich (10-line poem) written in one single stanza.
  • It is made with 10 syllables per line, written on any subject.
  • Rhyme and rhythm are optional.


  1. So, soaking the garment in milk gets the ink stain out? My husband constantly comes home with ink stains in his uniform shirt pocket. I usually try rubbing alcohol. That works sometimes, but other times not. I’ll try milk with my next load of laundry. So not only have you completed your trilogy, but you’ve taught me something new! 🙂 Thanks!

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    • Thanks and yes, milk does work, I used to put the milk in a cup and just put the little bit of material that had the ink stain on, in the cup and let it soak, squeeze it out after a little while and if there is still ink in it and the milk is quite blue I would get a fresh lot of milk and let it soak for a little longer, and then put it in the washing machine and wash it, it always worked for me. Have a nice day.

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