10-line Poem Challenge #5: Gardenia – Disguising a Muffin


10-line Poem Challenge #5: Gardenia – Disguising a Muffin

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Disguising a Muffin

A cake I cooked today
Was tough upon the tray
I think I will call it
A muffin, then I will quit
Now cooking, not for me
too busy, like a bee
Tried putting fresh berries
on the top with cherries
Added sweetening with ease
maybe I should just freeze

Gardenia is a:

  • Decastich made of 5 couplets.
  • Focuses on the amphibrach, a stress pattern of soft-strong-soft [i.e. to-MA-to]
  • Meter: amphibraic dimeter. But although each line has only two feet, it has six syllables, since the amphibrach is made of three syllables.
  • Rhyme scheme: aabbccddee


    • Here is my answer, someone else may give you a better version, the most obvious visual difference between cupcakes and muffins is, the frosting. Cupcakes are topped with creamy, delicious frosting. Instead, muffins may have a sugared top or a very thin glaze, that is why I said I was disguising it with berries. Hope that helps.


    • Thanks, for the nice comment. A Decastich is what a 10 lined poem is called. (Copied from Google – According to Turco’s “Book of Forms”, the Decastich is any whole poem of ten lines). Have a great day.

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