10-line Poem Challenge #8: Decuain – Barbecue Weather


10-line Poem Challenge #8: Decuain  – Barbecue Weather

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Summer Barbecue Festival

Long hot summer, that’s barbecue weather
Cooking, eating, food outdoors, sure smells good
Hotdogs, hamburgers go well together
Red hot charcoal embers glow, there’s no wood
food smells drifting around the neighborhood
The smell of smoke lingering in the air
Family overfed is a likelihood
Now the evening is over, I declare
As I made my way to the brown deck chair
Tiredness taking over, eyes closed, unfair.

The Decuain (pronounced “deck-WAN”) was created by Shelley A. Cephas.

It is a decastich written in one single stanza on any subject.

  • This form feels a little more traditional than some of the others we have studied because all the lines are written in iambic pentameter.
  • There are only three rhyming sounds in the decuain, but you have three set choices for rhyme scheme.
  • The rhyme scheme of the first 8 lines is always ababbcbc.
  • The rhyme for lines 9-10 may be: aa, bb, or cc.
  • My Rhyme scheme: ababbcbccc


    • Thank you, my dear friend, I appreciate very much everything you have taught me, it would be nice if we could have that barbecue together celebrating, 10 Lined poetry schooling. Smiles.


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