10-line Poem Challenge #9: Copla Real – Summer Glory


10-line Poem Challenge #9: Copla Real – Summer Glory

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Fruits of life

Sun and rain grew fresh plump fruit
bitter fruit don’t blame the taproot
trees courageous inducing,
vitamins therefore producing
wellness always an attribute

Clouds send rain quenching the earth
then the flowers bloom, giving birth
very little space for selfishness
nature provides, no evilness
so one day you can reap your worth.

My Rhyme: aabba, ccddc

The Copla Real comes from 15th Century Spain. The name means “Royal Stanza.”

  • It is a decastich made of 2 Quintillas.
  • A Quintilla is a 5-line stanza of 8-syllables with 2 rhyming sounds.
  • The rhymes may be in any combination as long as the quintet does NOT end with a rhyming couplet. Possibilities are: ababa, abbab, abaab, aabab, abbba, or aabba.
  • Whatever rhyming pattern appears in the first Quintilla will be repeated in the second, with two different rhyming sounds, hence: cdcdc, cddcd, etc.


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