10-line Poem Challenge #16: Double Five – Missing You


10-line Poem Challenge #16: Double Five – Missing You

Dear Sister-in-law Kath

You passed away, 19 July 2018
Eighty-six years of bliss
Footprints in the sand of time
The joy you gave every day,
life was like music with you around.

Your sweet soul is now in heaven
Death is a brief separation
The sun will shine again
When we meet again someday
Dancing high in the heavens.

Double Five is a

  • It is a decastitch written in two stanzas of 5 lines each (quintets).
  • The lines are short (how short?).
  • The poem has a title.
  • The theme is a portrait, usually of a loved one.
  • Nothing specific is stated regarding rhythm, meter, or rhyme.


    • Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate it, yes she will be missed, she came into my life at a time when I was at my lowest at the age of eighteen, which I will never forget, she was a real friend that helped me climb out of a deep dark hole, after I had tried to commit suicide. She has been beside me all the way, a true sister-in-law.

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    • Thanks for the kind comment, this form of poetry came up just at the right time, it worked out nicely, maybe the lines are a little longer, but I’m not too worried about that, she was a very special person to me, feeling a little better today. hope everything is fine with your future.


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