10-lined Poetry – Dizain – Lazy Summer Days


10-lined Poetry  – Dizain – Lazy Summer Days

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Lazy Summer Days

Those lazy hazy days of summertime
Floating on the river like a squatter
Just lingering motionless wasting time
Listening to the murmur of the water
As the body gets hotter and hotter
Wishing for a breeze and some cooler shade
Instead of the scorching days that invade,
hoping the glaring sun would overcast,
If it only rained to cool the air not stayed
The refreshed air would give us all a blast.

Summary – The Dizain is a French form popular in the 15th and 16th centuries, it is a single stanza of 8 or 10 lines (10 being more common), with 8 or 10 syllables in each line 

The rhyme scheme is ababcdcd, or ababbccdcd.

This poem is a 10 lined, 10 syllables, with rhyme ababbccdcd.



    • Thank you Margo, for the nice comment. I enjoy writing rhyming poetry and yes, some are harder than others, but I usually make something out of nothing. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.


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