Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Wife or Caregiver


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – Wife or Caregiver

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Source:  Tuesday Writing Prompt — Go Dog Go Café

Prompt:  Use this phrase:  Lately, I’ve been feeling

Word count:   100 words

Wife or Caregiver

Times are changing for me. Lately, I’ve been feeling used, with all the negative results and thought’s that I’m experiencing daily, I’m beginning to think that it will be me needing a caregiver soon, life in old age should enrich your golden years, but instead it is depleting me, breaking my soul causing me to become depressed, at times it is hard to control my tears.

What would you do for meals if your husband becomes a fussy eater?

“Embracing a healing presence requires you to just be in the moment together.” 

― Nancy L. Kriseman,


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  1. Is this fiction?
    I am not sure
    But I do know that burn out is real so I hope some breaks and refreshment are included with wife and caregiver role-
    Oh and side note – that food pyramid is the old outdated one – 😉

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    • No this is not fiction, it is my life for the last six weeks since my husband became very ill and spent eight days in the hospital, they did every test they could but couldn’t find anything wrong with him, he just seems to have given up, he is only eighty-one, I’m working on trying to motorvate him to better health, as he refused to eat before he went into the hospital that was the reason he got so weak. Happy days,

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  2. I’m sorry. That sounds really stressful on you. I wish you could get a break from other relatives coming to help a bit. I too think that pyramid is a little too carb-heavy in general, though I don’t know his specific needs. Eggs are a good source of protein and easy to make in different ways. That pudding sounds wonderful! If he liked something, just make more of that. Good luck and take care. 💕

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  3. How exhausting for you. I think that food pyramid is out of date too, don’t need so much carbohydrate.. But it sounds as if you are restricted to what he will eat. Rice pudding and eggs are very nutritious and easily digested. will he eat a nourishing substantial soup ?

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  4. Give him whatever he wants. I remember when I was recuperating from breast cancer, I couldn’t tolerate anything spicy. Only bland soothing food. As I felt better, I slowly added spicy food to my diet, and now, eight years later, I’m eating normally. Anyway, I think I would have thrown up if I’d been forced to eat anything spicy or heavy.

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  5. Oh, Elsie, I hear you. Simply accepting what is, including the frustration, can be so powerful. Sending you and your husband much Light. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to talk. The end quote is magnificent. Blessings, Debbie

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  6. I pushed the like button, but it’s not accurate always, is it? Liking and agreeing are two different things. I no longer have anyone to care for, but I can imagine how you are feeling. I was the one that needed care for a few years and felt very guilty because of it. It’s a huge strain on a relationship. The depression I am feeling now is mostly from pain I can’t get rid of and frustration over being dependent on others to go anywhere. Tears have always come freely and unwanted from me as I’m a very emotional person. It’s almost a joke in the family. I cry whether happy sad or proud. It’s just a thing. I empathize with your situation. Hopefully writing poetry as you so excellently do is an outlet for some of these feelings. I’m always here, Elsie. You can contact me at my email: cjscan_1999@yahoo.com anytime. 🤗💜💙

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    • Thank you for a beautiful comment, it helped me a lot about how I’m feeling about my thought’s. I’m lost, I feel I’m guilty of betraying our wedding vows, it is the first time in our marriage that I have felt like this, which will be fifty-nine years in December. Have a great day my friend, I also understand how you feel about being dependent on others, life isn’t easy in old age.


  7. We are raising our husbands, I think, but backwards of raising children. I think whenever possible feed him whatever makes him happy. That’ll keep you happy too. I give my husband with dementia PBJ sandwiches if he wants them but I always first check to be sure he’s not simply thirsty.

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