Ten-byTen Poetry Form – Life is a Puzzle

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Mysteries of Life

Life is like trying to do a puzzle

should every puzzle be solved to make sense

sometimes it is not a puzzle at all

just a collection of weird quizzes

with no answers at all, just delusions,

like so many strange puzzles, never solved

with no picture every piece is unique

fits into life somewhere with a story

leftover remnants of mysteries

so many will remember you forever.

Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley


Ten-by-Ten is:

  • A decastich (10-line poem) written in one single stanza.
  • It is made with 10 syllables per line, written on any subject.
  • Rhyme and rhythm are optional.


  1. Reminds me of that frantic search for a missing puzzle piece – looking through all the unused pieces safely stored in the puzzle box lid multiple times, swearing I don’t have it and that the manufacturer’s forgot to put it in the box – only to find it and that elation of knowing there are still thousand pieces remaining…love the journey and love this poem!!


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