#Alphabet Haiku: Letter X is for X-ray Fish or X-ray Tetra – a fish

Pristella maxillaris, the only species in the genus Pristella, which is commonly known as the X-ray fish or X-ray tetra because of its translucent body.

#Alphabet Haiku Challenge or AHC

 Alphabet Haiku, is a Weekly Challenge of Abigail Gronway, this week it is the letter (X) which is the hardest to write so far.

xerograph x-ray 

xeno X-chromosome xit


English describing the X Haiku

xerograph – photocopy produced by xerography, x-ray  fish 

xeno – something strange, X-chromosomes  – sex determining  xit –  shorten form of exit, haha, all I could find to get seven syllables for the line.

xenophobia – a fear of strangers, that the X-ray fish in a bowl when a cat arrives.

Hope it makes sense and gave you a smile.

Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley


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