Summary of Alphabet Haiku A – Z

Summary of Alphabet Haiku  A – Z

Alphabet Haikua Weekly Challenge of Abigail Gronway, the link is at the bottom of this post.

Alphabet Haiku –  Ants

adult ants attack

alkaloids are awarded

avoid ants always

Alphabet Haiku – Budgerigars

bright budgerigars
babbling birds bickering back
breeding bald babies

Alphabet Haiku – Chipmunk

chittering chipmunk

chewing cracking cereals

cheeky cheek cleavage

Alphabet Haiku – Deer

delightful dapper

delinquent dominant deer

delivers distress

Alphabet Haiku – Eagle

embark elongate

eagle entering eyries

ejected egg eh

Alphabet Haiku – Fox

fluffy fennec fox

features fabulous feline

flamboyant focus

Alphabet Haiku – Giraffe

galloping giraffe
gleefully glimpses green gorge
grazes greedily

glamorous giraffe
gracefully glows gingerly
genuine gusto

Alphabet Haiku – Hare

hare harmlessly hops

hawk hovering, hastens home

hesitates, horror

Alphabet Haiku – Insects

industry implants
identify imperfect
idiot insects

imagine insects
involving intimately
in ideal issues

imperil insects
illustrate inexperience
immature impasse

Alphabet Haiku – Jackal

Jubilant Jackal

justifies jittering jaws

jumping joyfully

Alphabet Haiku – Kakapo

keen kind kakapo
keeping katydids knocking
king kauri, kudos

Alphabet Haiku – Lynx

lynx labeled large

left leg landing listlessly

lacerated, lame

Alphabet Haiku – Markhor

mean men make malice

magnificent male markhor

midday massacre

Alphabet Haiku – Nightingale

nocturnal noted
never nasty nonstop noise
notably natural

Alphabet Haiku – Otter

otters observing

obedient obese offspring

obstacle overrun

Alphabet Haiku – Pheasant

popular pheasant

passes particular patch

pauses peacefully

Alphabet Haiku – Quail

quaint quiescent quail

queues questionably

quizzes quarantine

Alphabet Haiku – Rattlesnake

relaxed rattlesnake

realistically rambles

rolling rapidly

Alphabet Haiku – Scorpion

surveys seriously 

show some scorpions species 

survive starvation

Alphabet Haiku – Tuatara 

two tuataras

together taste tepid treats

trusting true tonic

Alphabet Haiku – Uguisu – Japanese Bush-Warbler

ultimate unique

understanding Uguisu


Alphabet Haiku – Vulture

valley verge vital

vultures very vicious

vivid vagrants vent

Alphabet Haiku – Weasel

wandering weasel

watches wallabies warmly

wilderness warning

Alphabet Haiku – X-ray Tetra – a fish

xerograph x-ray 

xeno X-chromosome xit


Alphabet HaikuYak

yelling yak youngster

yarded, yale-locked yesterday

yes, youthful yearning

Alphabet Haiku – Zebra

zooming zombie zone

zebra zigzagged zestfully


Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley

At the moment you cannot link anything it hasn’t been working for days.

This is the link to Abigail’s Challenge if you would like to read other Alphabet Haiku

Also this post is a mess, WordPress New Editor is not good for writing Poetry.

You can not Copy and Paste. I will not be writing anymore poetry on this blog, all my poetry will be on my NZ blog.

In 2019 I will start writing stories on this blog aiming to write a book.

I apologise for the adds on my blog, they completely cover the title of my blog, very disappointing, but I will not change this theme as I like it.

Wishing you all a Happy Peaceful 2019.


  1. I agree with you regarding the new editor. I’ve been using it on my other blog to get used to it, but not here. Hopefully they’ll work all the bugs out of it soon. I’ve scheduled several posts using the new editor, and when I go back to edit them, the formatting changes (double spacing where I want single, all blocks combined into one, etc.). It’s a headache. If you have any trouble with my posts or links, please let me know. 🙂

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    • Yes agree 100% about the new editor, that is why I’m using my NZ blog for poetry, no matter what I do to try and correct it, there is no such thing as verses they all round together like a story. Happy Days Writing.

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