Writing – January 2. 2019 – Nugget Point New Zealand

Writing – January 2. 2019 – Nugget Point New Zealand

This morning while reading and answering the comments from my faithful followers on WordPress in my emails, I spot my monthly AA Traveller News letter. It read “101 Must-Do’s this Summer”, some beautiful spots to visit, but this one about Nugget Point on the Otago coast in the South Island,caught my eye, because I saw the word “Wildlife”.

Now I will be honest I had heard the name but had no idea where it was or that a lighthouse was at the top of it, as you can see by the image above. It got its name because of rocky islets (The Nuggets).

The wild life, seabirds, penguins, gannets, plus other birds, also a large breeding colony of fur seals, and a small colony of yellow-eyed penguins. Now that would be a wonderful summer holiday visiting this haven of animals, wished I had knew about it in my younger days, but I will be truthful I don’t like the idea of flying and while reading about it, there is considered a significant danger in particular to small vessels, so boats are not me either, I like to keep my feet on the ground.

The lighthouse is amazing it was built in 1869, can you imagine the hard work put into building it, the old-timers sure knew how to work, Pure man and animal power. It stands 76 metres (249 ft) above water, power by a oil burner in those early days.

It diffidently is a great spot for tourists as well as the wildlife on the coast you can view whales, quite a few species, as well as dolphins. If you are thinking of getting away from your cool weather to a warmer season here is the link.

Now that was a surprise, I had no idea what I was going to write about today, it came from an unexpected direction today and I learned something about my country that I never knew before, enough of my ramblings now to publish it.

Hope you are all enjoying the first day of 2019.


  1. Isn’t it amazing how structures built a hundred years ago still stand, and so many of today’s modern structures don’t last. Of course, if I am here a hundred years from now, I might be surprised! 😀 Maybe they will last better than I judge them to do. 😀 I do love those “nuggets.”

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    • Yes it’s pretty amazing what our ancestors did, especially a lighthouse out at sea, down there in the South Island there are pretty powerful storms and it’s still standing 150 years later. Remarkable. Thanks for commenting hope you had a wonderful New Years Day.

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  2. It looks exquisite! We have lighthouses all along the shores of Lake MI here, but most are set on flatland, or sand. It’s so beautiful up there on the hill, surrounded by the nuggets below.

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  3. It is quite fascinating, Elsie – I really know so little about my own country, although I’ve travelled it quite a bit.. There’s so much to explore! 🙂
    Here’s hoping you are keeping well…

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