Stormy Day at the Beach

Writing – January 4, 2019 – Stormy Day at the Beach

It was a planned day at the beach with the family and a few friends, we were all enjoying the sun, but the heat of the day was tremendous.

There had been a cold front warning coming in from the south on the weather forecast that morning, we didn’t take much notice of it, thinking that how could a beautiful day like this be ruined by bad weather, all was going well, kids were happy.

Then the skies started to get darker and darker, even the sea was tossing around a lot more than it was when we had arrived some three hours before, everything was starting to move the wind was getting very strong.

It looks as though it was time to start packing up, but we hadn’t even finished the picnic lunch we had brought with us.

Then it happened, when the cold air meets the hot air, yes, it started to rain, and before we had time to pack up our picnic lunch we had been enjoying, the kids were still nibbling on the nice cool watermelon, down came those big splotch of rain which before we had time to start packing our gear it had turned to hailstones.

It was like a storm out of hell, I had never experienced hail like that and here we were still in our swimming gear and that hail was beating at our skin causing so much pain, the younger children started screaming as the hail hit their poor little bodies.

Panic, everyone was banging into each other trying to pick up towels swimming gear, clothes, the wind was just picking everything up and taking it in all directions, it was just one big panic station everyone on the beach where trying to get to some kind of shelter, which was nowhere to be found.

The children were frighten, almost out of their wits, so there was nothing else to do but grab the kids and run.

Did we run?

It was practically impossible to run the wind was blowing against us, making it harder than ever to go in the right direction, we just keep moving the best we could with the hail still hitting us.

We managed to get back to the car, putting the children in their seats, still crying and shutting the doors, what a mess, hail was starting to build up on the sand, which I had never seen in all my lifetime living near the beach.

By now the sky was starting to clear and the sun was shining out at the already calming sea.

We decided to go back down the beach and see what we could rescue of the gear which we had left behind, would you believe it there was nothing there but hail.

So the return trip back home was the next move, just as well we parked the car on the tarmac and not down on the beach or we would never have left that beach that day.

As next day, we found out that some cars had actually been washed out to sea in that quick sharp storm that had only lasted for half an hour but seemed like a lifetime to us.

We could have been a statistic that day if the storm had lasted any longer.



  1. I am so glad you made it to the car! What a memory for the kids! I remember a hot summer day when I was a kid. Black clouds rolled in suddenly and we raced out of the pool into the house. Golf ball sized hail came down and suddenly the sun came out and our little pool was full of hail! It all happened in 10 minutes! I hope you can have another visit to the beach soon for a perfectly happy memory.

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  2. It sounds so realistic. What an experience had it been if it had been for real. I have such experience when cyclone hit our city and we live very near to sea. All trees were uprooted and much damage done but we were safe , except for no milk, ration etc.

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