Writing – 7 January 2019 – Alphabet Letters and a Lipogram

Writing – 7 January 2019 – Alphabet Letters and a Lipogram

Most often used letter in the English Alphabet is E

Least used letter is Q

Most frequency letter at the beginning of words is the Letter S.

Nursery Rhyme which has one letter “E” in it.

Rain, Rain,

Go away;

Come again,

April day;

Little Johnny wants to play

Nursery Rhyme which has two letter “E’s” in it.

London Bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down.

London Bridge is falling down,

My fair lady.

Now the write a old nursery rhyme with no “E’s” in it which is called a “Lipogram”. 

Lipo means “lacking; without,” and gram comes from grammar, meaning “letter”.

Lipogram refers to any text composed of words which lack a particular letter.

Jack and Jill Nursery Rhyme

Jack and Jill 

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down

And broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.


Up Jack got 

And home did trot,

As fast as he could caper;

And went to bed 

And plastered his head

With vinegar and brown paper.

My Version with no “E’s”.

Jack and Jill

march up a hill

to bring a pail of fluid

Jack slipping

kaput his body, flipping

Jill follow down, stupid


Up Jack got

And away did trot

As fast as Jack could go

Collapsing on the floor

His nanny, his guarantor

Got out a gizmo

Copyright © 2019 Elsie Hagley

The hardest part was getting words that rhymed and the second verse was just about impossible to write.

Can you find another word for for “HE’ without a E?

Most words I wanted to use end in (ed), so I couldn’t use them for this exercise.

Please give me some other ideas to end the second verse, my mind has gone blank with thinking and that was all I could comeuppance with. Smiles.

I’m using these studies to help me with ideas, by researching, making me think of new words for writing a novel.



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