Tell Me a Story Challenge – Wilderness of a Forest

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Tell Me a Story Challenge – Wilderness of a Forest

I have been nominated by Cheryl at Rugby843 Blog to take part in “Tell me a Story” Challenge.

The rules of the challenge are to: 

1) write something in response to the photo you are given,

2) pick a picture of your own and nominate three people.

Wilderness of a Forest

As I started walking up the slippery cobblestone path I heard a voice, it sounded like someone was  calling out, a bit concerned I hurried on, making sure I didn’t slip.

I got a fright as I quickly walked along the path, by a creature enjoying the beauty of nature scurried away in a hurry,  Im sure it got a fright also, as it moved so quickly I didn’t even see what it was.

I started walking a little slower listening for another call of that yell of someone I thought I heard, but as I never heard anything I started to enjoy the feeling of the scenery and enjoy breathing in the pure fresh air.

The trees looked like they were smiling, all beckoning to me to keep walking, thinking of nature and all her secrets hidden in every little corner of the forrest, the sunshine flowed through the trees, birds were singing in the tree tops, when I suddenly stopped there in front of me was a male teenager sitting down on a ledge of the path, looking very troubled with his head in his hands. 

Feeling a little nerves as I approach him whether I should be walking past him as I had no protection with me, not even my faithful friend “Sonny my dog” as dogs where not allowed here, as it was a National Park, I stop and asked him if there was something wrong, he never answered me, but I seen a empty whisky bottle behind him, then I did become alarmed and retraced my tracks the way I had come in.

As soon as I had got out of there I rang 911 and told the police what I had come across, they took my name and address and told me they would get someone to check it out and make sure he was alright.

That evening I had a visit from the police and they thanked me and said he was a troubled soul and he was now in a place where he could get help, it was such a relief, I was happy the police had came and seen me now I could have a good night sleep, as I was dozing off with the thought of all the wilderness in that forrest, there are people that embrace all living life and help the poor lost souls.

My Three Nominees:

Msjadeli, Tao Talk –

Chrissy Siggee –

Draiiman –

Image for Nominees “Tell me a Story Challenge”.

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