Daily Inkling – Silence is Deafening – My Thought’s

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Daily Inkling – Silence is Deafening – My Thought’s

Todays Prompt – How long do you think you could go without talking to anyone else? Can you think of a scenario in which this could become reality?

My answer followed by a tanka poem – Silence is like beauty in heaven

If I have no one in the house I most likely will just talk to myself, which I don’t but my thought’s could come out quite easy, I’m quite comfortable being by myself, when my husband was in hospitable for eight days, August 2018, I enjoyed the peace it was like living in heaven, not having to answer anyone, eat when I wanted too, so for the question – I don’t have a landline that’s a blessing, use messenger if I want to get in touch with any family member, yes living on my own I could go on forever without talking, just keep writing poetry on my computer and living with my memories, I love that thought.

Photo Credit

beauty in heaven

mythological paintings

angels survive there

talking to myself again

dreams do come true just believe

Haha, smiles for my post today, I invite anyone reading this to join in the Daily Inklings Challenge.


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