My name is Elsie Hagley, I have been on the internet for some time now and enjoy writing.

Was writing lens at Squidoo for nearly four years until their closure September 2014.

All my 240 lenses were transferred to HubPages, which over the last twenty months have slowly been deleted to just over 50 hubs, as that platform require a different type of writing and must be what Google likes.

HubPages has most of them unfeatured and Google cannot see them now.  VERY SAD.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a writer, that’s how I came to name my blog – Ramblings of a Writer.

Elsie Hagley.



  1. Oh, you still don’t have an about page. It’s hard to create one, isn’t it? I noticed because I am looking for inspiration for an about-page for my new blog ‘Potpourri’. I will take part at the A to Z Challenge with this blog. You should reach it when clicking at my name.

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    • Thanks for these two awards, appreciated very much.
      I will try and find time to do it, very busy now doing the WordPress Everyday Inspiration, I’m at day 6, having a problem trying to make a Contact Page.
      Blessings to you my friend.


    • Thank you for commenting, not many readers see this page, it is what my life was, sewing, hope it helps beginners.
      I should be doing more sewing, but blogging seems to have taken over my life.
      Hope you are having a great year.
      Blessings to you.

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  2. Hi, Elsie. Just wanted to say thank you for the follow over at my place. Much appreciated. Hope all is going good with you and yours. I’m hoping you weren’t anywhere near the recent earthquake! Take care. 🙂

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  3. No, we are not near that bad one down in the South Island, but very on edge as Taranaki in the North Island are having many warnings, hope nothing comes from them.
    Thanks for the follow looking forward to reading your posts.
    Have a nice weekend.


  4. cant remember missing
    your all about you page
    done some sewing too
    mothers little helper
    an army sewing kit

    darning sewing fixed
    all a waste of a effort
    anything repaired
    found on kit inspections
    was mocked then trashed discipline

    found and not repaired
    oh woe betide you then
    no redress just charged
    fined or confined to quarters
    six and a half years no more

    snubbed by professional
    they never said it
    doubted my integrity

    always a poet
    Japanese all new to me
    but now besotted
    and encouraged thankfully
    your one of a few i blame

    my thanks reach out
    embracing all folk like you
    for now with respect
    i can write just how i feel
    despondent now exalted

    Just to say before i leave a big THANK YOU, for your inspiring challenges and more, keep up the good work, best wishes,



    • Thank you for commenting, sorry I didn’t finish the last week, may continue writing them only a little late.
      It was a very interesting challenge, sure made me think. All the best for March.


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