Lake Taupo New Zealand


Taupo has a population of 24,100 (June 2016)

Situated in the volcanic heart of the North Island, Lake Taupo region is home to New Zealand’s largest freshwater lake, fascinating geothermal areas, and the famous Huka Falls. A great lake for adventure.

Visitors come for the scenery and action-packed adventure, which are accompanied by a genuinely friendly local culture.
The lakeside community is alive with great places to eat, drink and party.

Trout fishing should be on your menu of things to do because this region is one of the last true wild trout fisheries in the world.
Local guides will soon get you hooked, and there are plenty of restaurants happy to cook your catch.

Lake Taupo’s geothermal attractions include geysers, steaming craters, boiling mud pools and some of the largest silica terraces in the world.


Photo Credit – Huka Falls
Other special experiences include the walk to Huka Falls.

You can have a game of golf at Wairakei, and kayaking to the Maori carvings at Mine Bay.

The story of the Mine Bay Māori Rock Carvings in New Zealand.

Lake Taupo is Australasia’s largest lake.

Lake Taupo was created by a gigantic volcanic eruption in 181 AD.
At 616 square kilometers, it is as big as Singapore Island.
The lake’s attractive pumice sand beaches give it the appearance of an inland ocean.

An intriguing geothermal landscape.

Over thousands of years, volcanic action has created a landscape of simmering craters, boiling mud pools, fumaroles and steam vents. Maori mythology is richly interwoven with the geothermal features of the region.

I love going to Taupo, only one thing, winter, it is so cold, especially at night, if visiting allow for the cold, just my feelings it may not be cold to other visitors.

The photo at the top is one I took while traveling through.


  1. What an exciting place! That photo of Huka Falls is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen water like that in person. Water isn’t clear in the lakes and rivers around here. It is all muddy brown. Your area is very blessed. Have a beautiful day. 🙂

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  2. My daughter’s pre-school teacher was from New Zealand. She gave all the kids a coin from there. Not sure why she was teaching in south Texas, but may have been a military family, as a lot of us were at the time. Anyway, New Zealand sounds like a beautiful country, and I enjoy your posts and photos. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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