#OctPoWriMo – Day 29 – Joseph’s Star Poetry Form – Website Closing


#OctPoWriMo – Day 29 – Joseph’s Star Poetry Form – Website Closing

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October Poetry Writing Month #OctPoWriMo

Theme for 2018 is a one lined quote that gives me inspiration for writing a Poem – These quotes are copied from Goodreads.com – tag poetry.

“I discover myself on the verge of a usual mistake.” ― Walt Whitman

Website closing

Come easy
some are terrible
the feeling that’s in my heart
It’s now or never, give in
Poetry is for me
Writing now

It’s the end
Can’t pay with PayPal
New Zealand dollar too high
the link to my bank account
it has expired now
Cannot pay

Joseph’s Star, a poetry form created by Christina R Jussaume on 08/06/07 in memory of her Dad. This poem has no rhyme, and is written according to syllable counts. Syllables are 1, 3, 5, 7, 7, 5, 3, and 1. The poem may be written on any subject, be center aligned, has no stanza limit, and should have complete statements in each line.

Author Note: Yes I will be deleting my website in the next couple of days, there will be no Tanka poetry challenge on the 31 October 2018.

I need to spent more time with my husband.

Renewing and writing on my website is not a priority

Also now I have a mental block and that feeling of depression, I hope, I improve soon ,as it’s not nice feeling like this, but that’s easier said than done when you are a caregiver, for your husband.

I’m now writing poetry 22 November 2018, posting on my new New Zealand Blog Poetry 2018

This blog will now continue as a WordPress Free Blog, looking forward to continual writing on this site.

Thanks to all my followers, your kind comment help me get out of the depression and continue, I didn’t have the heart to delete all the work I have put into it, missing you all. Peace my friends.


  1. I’m sorry to see you go from WP, I will have to look into how to get my Blogger account running again. Your mastery of so many poetry forms reminds me that I have much to learn, as well as to write. I too have lost many years from blocks barring me from writing and I hope that the ones you are facing will be lifted soon.

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  2. I’m sorry you’re leaving. I can understand spending more time with your husband though. Writing is pretty time intensive. Sorry you suffer from bouts of depression.

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    • Thanks for your kind comments. My depression is a lot to do with the pain I suffer in my head from the ACC cancer, as it’s not getting any better, another reason for not paying for another year on the internet, when my health is not the best, as well as my husbands deteriorating health. Have a peaceful day.

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  3. All the best, sorry you have to finish up now. I have had little writing time lately and have kept current posting previous posts from two years ago. I keep hoping things will slow down here and I can start writing again.

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    • Thank you Laurie, I appreciate your comment. You have been a very nice person to meet on WordPress I’ve enjoyed reading about your part of the world. Hope you don’t get snowed in too many times this winter. Kind thoughts. Elsie.

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  4. So sorry to hear you have to close your WP blog. I’ve enjoyed your poetry for a long time, and your resilience to all life has brought you over the years. Take care of yourself and your husband, and best wishes for brighter days.
    I’ll follow you at Blogger! 🙂

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  5. You got me started writing poetry. The caregiving connection brought your blog to me and I tried a couple of your poem styles and it was so fun. As I well know as an artist and a writer… the block is real. And so the caregiving. Blessings to you.

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    • Thanks for the kind comment. I’m sure you understand more than others, as you have been working silently for years caring for your own husband, it does drag you down, day after day the same results, at the moment he has a short focus time, making the day seem longer than ever, that I begin to think that I’m are the one with the problem, having to asked a question so many times, and then getting the wrong answer. So pleased you wrote poetry all October, I know you enjoyed it. Read most of them, will try to read the lastest. All the best with your caregiving my friend, it’s been great meeting you. Peace.

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  6. You will be missed, I have been behind on my reader and was sad to see you are already gone. You are a genuine person and it was so nice to connect with you, I will miss your avatar on my blog! Prayers, Patty

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  7. Hi Elsie! How are you both? I’m coming back and catching up after a long time. I was not well and feeling I have nothing to write but trying again. Sitting on the computer was giving me a headache and nausea. Now okay. I’m writing since 4year and for free.

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  8. I was going to say “Oh dear, I will miss you!” And then I saw you had started a free WP blog. That’s great because I rarely visit Blogspot sites. I will see you and your ingenious poems in Blogtown. Please put your own health first.

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  9. Awwwww it’s so sad you are leaving, thank you for following my blog too by the way. I shall miss your aura and blog, but will definitely bookmark your site you have stated. All the best for you too, as ACC cancer and depression is difficult within it’s self, let alone caring for your husband and how it ‘all’ makes you feel. It can all take it’s toll and become very emotional! But I understand your reasons, you are only human and you are doing SO WELL with much grace, patience and humbleness. Many blessings to you and your husband xo

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