Twenty-Seven Sentences

Twenty-Seven Sentence – Preparing a Salad

Twenty-seven Nonsense Sentences telling you how to made the salad above from A to Z.

Anticipate what this salad is going to taste like.

Before we start we have a picture of the finished dish above, let’s see what we can come up with.

Cucumber has a taste on its own, not everyone likes it, though.

Do I need an onion or spring onion to add more flavor, could help, but which one?

Even a little vinegar could be tasteful in the dressing.

Find a semi-hot a mustard to give the dressing a little bite.

Give the tomatoes a little sugar to stop the heartburn.

Half a dozen washed radish tops to make those little faces.

If I add some cloves for the radish eyes, I hope no one is turned off the salad by the smell.

Juice from a lemon will certainly add extra flavor.

Knead the dough for the Chinese steamed buns and put it in the oven to cook, still in the oven, that’s why you can’t see any buns.

Let the lettuce drain after washing.

Move all the slugs from the lettuce.

Now for a nice dish to serve it on, which could be cooled in the fridge to keep the salad cool, but I’m running out of time.

Orange peel to be grated, that could add the little more color to the dish.

Put a little salt on the table.

Quick, I had better get a move on, it nearly time to eat.

Red hot peppers look nice and add an extra taste to the salad.

Slithers of a radish placed around the tomato pieces.

Take extra care when placing the eyes and nose to the tomatoes face.

Usually, a little extra care will make or break a salad, maybe added too much to this dish.

Very nice idea lets have a look and see what I’ve missed.

Washed everything, hope those mosquitoes keep away from the salad when I place it on the deck table.

Xiaolongbao – is a type of Chinese steamed bun to eat with the salad, in case you wonder what those Chinese buns were.

Yellow hot peppers would have been nice, but wasn’t able to find any in the store.

Zest for flavor, which ones would you add to finished off this nonsense twenty-seven lines sentences for making a salad?

Copyright © 2018 Elsie Hagley


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